We are Lutgart and Dominique and we live in Kuringen-Hasselt, together with our daughters Carolien and Isabelle and our Great Pyrenees.

After the decease of our Bernese mountain dog “Sanne”, we were obliged to look for a new dog.  This was because of emotional reasons, for our daughters were still very young when Sanne died and they were very fond of her.

That's when the impressive, elegant as well as intelligent Great Pyrenees really caught our eye.
Our first “Patou”, as it is called in the French Pyrenees, was called Yanouk.
The love for this magnificent breed quickly prompted us to buy a second dog and that’s how Zorha joined the family a year later.

After the sudden death of our young Yanouk we bought two puppies, named Daiko and Darla, because our love for this breed kept growing.

As a result of this and because of the loyalty, devotion, calm behaviour and the gentleness of “our dogs”, the idea was put into our head to start up our own litter.

Our dogs live together with us at home and they’re a real part of the family.
Therefore it is our uppermost priority to breed healthy, extremely sociable dogs with a sweet character.  These qualities are very important, because most people like to acquire a “good house-dog”. Nevertheless we don’t want to lose sight of the typical breed characteristics.

Naturally our dogs are dewormed, vaccinated and tested for Patella Luxation.  They also possess a Saint-Hubertus pedigree.

Kennel name

When the time was right to start our own breeding, we looked for a suitable kennel name.  After thorough consideration we discovered that 7000-8000 years ago there was already a Sumerian name for these big, white, gorgeous dogs; like we
call them today Kuvasz, Tatra, Great Pyrenees or the mountain dog of the Maremma; named KUDDA. 
The first letters KU are from an old Sumerian word for dog, KUDDA.

KUDDA consists of two words: KUN, which means “tail”, and ADA, which means “give”.  KUN-ADA: give the tail, the animal that gives the tail that expresses itself by means of the tail.  Like Great Pyrenees lovers know, the dog makes the so-called “wheel” when it is alert.  So it expresses itself with its tail.  However, there are no prefixes in the Sumerian language, so we used the modern word “at” (@) as a prefix.  That’s how the kennel “at KUN-ADA” came to life.

We wish you lots of joy on our website.

Lutgart and Dominique.

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